East Meets West
Sokya was born from the need for a complete mental health and wellness experience in the online space. First and foremost, we are practitioners with decades of experience. Quality care is our cornerstone principle, not just an afterthought. Our beginnings can be traced back to the diaries of ayurvedic healers which have been passed down in our family through generations. The pages of these diaries hold centuries-old secrets penned by healers, who recognized the importance of balance between mind, body, and spirit. Our namesake, Sokya, is a sanskrit term borrowed from these hand-written books, a term the doctors used to describe wellness.
Quite literally, SOKYA is wellness.
Art Meets Science
Since the days of our grandfathers, we have evolved as wellness professionals, layering the teachings of modern western medicine onto our ayurvedic underpinnings. The result is a global fusion between centuries-old ayurvedic practices, and modern, evidence-based treatments, providing a truly holistic, whole-person approach to mental wellness.
And now? We rise to meet the demand for online care in a post-pandemic world.
Tradition Meets Innovation
As a telehealth provider, our purpose is to bring a truly holistic experience to the online mental health and wellness space through a rich ecosystem of wellness resources, including...

A robust team of mental health professionals with over 100 years of combined experience

A blend of evidence-based and complementary approaches to wellness

Wellness coaching

Client-centered therapy

Medication management

Group therapy

Comprehensive library of self-care resources

This is wellness. This is... SOKYA.
Our Care Team
Jessica Yaffa, CPC
Certified Relationship Coach
Benjamin Knowlton, LCSW
Brenda Wierschin, LCSW
Natalie Di Francisco, PsyD
Jessica Lopez, MFTT
Certified Adolescent & Young Adult Coach